Premium fine tea affordable for everyone.
At the very start, it was a cup of tea that represented the initative.

Herb Human 18* originates from the essence of the tea “natural vegetation, humanistic life” and returns to the law of life in which tea, people and nature are closely tied together.
Hand-picked at a high altitude, our tea, of top-grade quality, has an unforgettable aftertaste which is sweet and natural. Roasted in the traditional roasting basket used for competition tea, the tea is made in spring and winter.
The tea liquid has a limpid color; the tea character is distinctive. Raise your cup and you will smell the sweet aroma, persistently lingering on.

* The name Herb Human 18 “艸人十八” comes from the decomposition of the Chinese character for tea “茶.”

Alishan YingXiang Oolong Tea \ Spring Cherry Blossom \

YingXiang Oolong Tea originates from the juncture area between Ali Township and Zhuci Township. With green hills, clear waters and picturesque scenery, this mountainous area is shrouded in mist and clouds all year around. In the season of the beautiful cherry blossom, delicately savor the fresh spring tea and enjoy the pure and sweet tastes, like embracing the elegant and pure fragrance of the spring cherry in full bloom.

Alishan Black Tea \ Summer Bath \

Fine exquisite flavor, sweet and mellow fragrance, red tea liquid and rich fruity aroma are the eminent features of Alishan Black Tea. This tea originates from the high mountain tea farm. When you drink and taste it slowly, you will find its outstanding flavor as fresh and pleasant as strolling in the Alishan forest.

Alishan Oolong Tea \ Autumn Cloud \

Oolong Tea is as mysterious as the unpredictable clouds of Alishan in autumn. Brew a pot of good tea and bursts of fresh fragrance will emanate; admire the colorful clouds in the immensity of autumn, raise your cup, sip the clear green liquid tea, and enjoy the sweet scent, like seeing the grand scenery of the sea of clouds on Alishan.

Alishan Jin Xuan Tea \ Winter Maple \

Jin Xuan Tea is the product from the marriage of “hardwood heart” and Tainong No. 8. This tea is renowned for its orchid and milk aroma, with elegant scent and unique flavor as beautiful and mysterious as the clouds and mist in winter.

A heart-warming mountain tea - Herb Human 18.

On Nature’ stage set against the forest, the show of sea of clouds and sunrise is on at Alishan. Every year ten thousand people greet the first sign of the dawn on Alishan at 4 am, regardless of the 1.8°C low temperature, just to experience such a little happiness, a little touching moment and little wonderment.
When the rising sun shines upon the faces in all splendor, a sip of Alishan Tea warms up the heart.

While tea aroma sneak into your nose, you will find what is time-stopped like.

Alishan born to behold good quality of soil and water for all around a year. The fireflies - forest lightening fairy, fly through the bushes and rivers like how B shutter shows its light rail and heap fusion.
At the moment, everything becomes silent and the mountain mist is gathering. The host of this Tea party and his guests, toast up silently to the touch of heart.