Premium entry-level tea affordable for everyone.

Born and bred at No. 34, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, the owner has a tea farm hidden in a corner of his heart for over 40 years; it contains his persistence in tea-making, the aesthetics of tea tasting, the cultivation of tea quality, and the unselfish willingness to share with others.
“Oh, Tea Farm No. 35 is right here,” one realizes.

Cheers ! For a cup of good tea at Tea Farm No. 35.

The first steep comes with a sweet aftertaste in the throat, the seventh steep with a fragrant finish and the nineth steep still retains the true flavor of the tea! A table of three or five old friends, drinking, laughing and chatting.
For people with an appreciation for fine tea, Tea Farm No. 35 always strives to make tea of better quality that conserves the original aroma and delicateness of tea.

YingXiang Oolong Tea

With honey green tea liquid, exclusive elegant aroma of high mountain tea, and pure and sweet flavor, your sip will finish with a mouthful of fragrance.

Black Tea

With orange-red tea liquid, elegant and long fragrance,robust flavor, sweet aftertaste, and mild,delicate mouthfeel.

Oolong Tea

With golden tea liquid, thick and deep aroma, mellow and full-bodied flavor, it is the representative of classic tea.

Jin Xuan Tea

With honey yellow tea liquid, light lingering taste, subtle flower and milk aroma, it is renowned for its mellow, smooth flavor and agreeable astringency.

Looking for the scent, the unforgettable fine tea in the heart

“Green high mountain, Blue creek water.”
It is time! The hospitable tea expert Wu Chih-Ching invites his friends to go up the mountain for a light travel. There we can experience the moon much closer at Alishan, watch the fireflies sparkling, wait for the sunrise and the sea of clouds at dawn, enjoy the grand tour of the lofty Sacred Tree and admire the immensity of the greenery. And of course, served with Wu’s own hands, a cup of local fine tea for his good old friends.

Taking home…
Tea Farm No. 35, far from me, but yet also close to me.

A circle of people, a pot of tea, a scenic view. The earth is the space for tea tasting. Moutain mist, fresh breeze, and hill rocks as tables.
The philosophy of tea art evolves here. Smell the scent, distinguish the form, watch the color, and then taste, appreciate and savor with the heart. Bring back from afar the philosophy of tea tasting that does not exist in clamorous cities.

Philosophy of slow drinking, a sip of mellow happiness.

Tea Farm No.35,
the premium entry-level tea for beginners. Everyone can enjoy that simplest refreshing scent.