In beautiful Taiwan, see the striking sunrise on Alishan. Under the golden glister, the sea of clouds come alive.

This is the depiction of the promises of Mr. Wu Chih-Ching, born and bred here, who contributed to the Alishan Tea Chronicles, and the contour of a cup of fine Alishan tea.


No matter how far he has to walk, the professional tea taster, Mr. Wu Chih-Ching, always brings back pure premium spring water from Alishan 8,200 feet above sea level to brew a pot of tea for his heart’s delight.

Water quality, tea leaves, tea aroma; raising the cup and tasting the tea, one’s mood suddenly becomes bright.


To share, Alishan’s fine tea.

Alishan is one of Taiwan’s five major mountain ranges. This high mountain zone located at an altitude of 8,200 feet is traversed by the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5° north latitude. The pleasant climate and the unpolluted soil have bred the best high mountain tea.